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SR3 B261BD Telemecanique Extendable Modular PLC

SR3 B261BD Telemecanique Extendable Modular PLC
ID: LB201500057
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Schneider Electri / Telemecanique SR3 B261BD Extendable Modular PLC

The SR3B261BD belongs to the Zelio Logic Modular series; modular fundamental units that can be combined arbitrarily with the extension modules. The Zelio Logic modules are meant for realising small control systems. They are used in the areas of industrial and building technology. With a wide range of possible applications like the automation of small machines for final finishing, fabrication, assembly and packaging · Automation of agricultural machinery (irrigation, pumps) · Automation of barriers, roller shutters, access control, lighting and much more. The easy programming, which is assured by the universality of the computer languages, meets the demands and needs of automation engineers and electrical engineers. The programming can be carried out as follows: Via the keys of the Zelio module (ladder diagram) or via a PC with the software Zelio Soft 2 in FBD (Function module) and alternatively by using the ladder diagram. The autonomous operation of the clock is ensured by a lithium battery for a period of 10 years. Data backup (primary values and current values) is ensured by an EEPROM Flash memory (10 years).





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