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Our mission

Our services and experience meet everyone's expectations.


Repair of machines

We repair control systems, INCLUDING OPERATOR'S PANELS in the machines of the following companies: ILLIG (among others. RDKP, FS), MESOMA. HOMAG, ROVEMA, BOSCH, SIG PACK, ULMA, B + M Elektronik, ISHIDA.

Servo drives

We specialize in the repair of IRT SA servo drives and Indramat - Bosch Rexroth. IRT SA Swiss company producing excellent IRT 1300 (IRT 1306, IRT 1310 IRT 1320) drivers has already finished production and support for the series. Our company has experience in the repair of IRT 1300 or reconstruction of control systems and their change into new servo drives. Thanks to such a reconstruction, the customers will forget about the problems of aging servo drives for many years.

PMAC Delta Tau

We have experience in the repair of systems based on axis controllers of Delta Tau PMAC series. We have original software that enables application development for the PMAC controllers. We have in stock a lot of spare parts that we offer for sale. If for any reasons your machine starts to work not smoothly enough or is unstable, call us and we will arrange tuning and adjustments of your PMAC driver. You can also replace a damaged driver with a new one or used with a 6-month warranty.

Schleicher P03

One of our specialties is the repair and programming of Schleicher Promodul P03 system. We have many spare parts in stock, therefore, repair takes less time - we collect damaged equipment and deliver operational equipment from the warehouse at short notice. Fast delivery of the module means less downtime for you as well as no need to maintain costly inventories.

UniOp panels

We program, repair, and sell UniOp panels. At the customer's request, we can also load an additional language service for the operator.

PLC repair

The repair of cards, power supplies and CPU. If you have any faulty module of control systems and you do not want to fix it, we will buy it from you.

Elau PMC-2

522 repair - Power Line Fail.

Homag CNC

We offer the opportunity to repair Homag machines used for woodworking. Older control systems based on Homag and BAB40 modules as well as new Sinamics and Linux systems.

HMI Micro Innovation

We repair and program Micro Innovations panels.

ILLIG machine repairs

We specialize in the repairs of ILLIG RDKP, ILLIG FS, ILLIG RV and UA machines control systems, based on older control systems as well as on new solutions with servo drives.


We offer a comprehensive repair of Mesoma control systems. We program Polish language in MD300 panels. We have many spare parts in stock including operator's panels, memory cards and weighing system reports printers. We offer advice on the repair of packaging machines and Mesoma weighers.

SIG Bosch

Repair and reconstruction of machine control systems based on Bosch SIG PLC pmac and servonapędach IRT 1306 and IRT IRT 1310 1318. We offer a comprehensive GIS-based reconstruction of the machines on the parts that are no longer available. Replacing the card company IRT SA replacers Public producers which reduces downtime in the event of failure of the Servo Drive in machines from SIG. New controls have a 2 year warranty and our lifetime technical support.


We repair, programming and tuning servo-drive systems Series 6E and BUS BUS company Baumüller 6V. If your machine uses too much electricity or engines are loud and heat up excessively, it should consider tuning the motor-drive systems. It is also recommended due to the longevity of such a system after tuning.

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